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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ How do I get started?

Click here to order a Starter Kit by post or email, or if you'd prefer, just give us a call on 04 488 7045. The Kit contains all the info and materials you need to run a Pictureproducts project from start to finish.

FAQ What payment types do you accept?

We accept EFT, Mastercard and Visa, Paypal, and cheques. Invoices are issued after we receive your order, on 14 day terms, and must be paid before your order is shipped.

FAQ Do I have to pay for postage?

No, your kit is supplied free of charge, and includes a pre-paid Return eParcel satchel for you to return the drawings. Because we send through the eParcel network, you can track the parcels from the moment they are sent. Log in now to see the status of your parcels.

FAQ How much profit do I make?

You can set your own prices for the parents to pay. We recommend adding $6 to the price of each item, which is equivalent to a 30% profit on Pictureplates (at $28), and is the same as we charge for direct individual orders. It's up to you, though, whether you want to charge $25 or $30 or anything in between. A three-star Loyalty customer ordering during Early Bird and charging $28 makes 45% profit on Pictureplates.

FAQ Where are your plates made?

We are the original Australian and New Zealand melamine plate company and we make all our Pictureplates right here in Australia. You are invited to come visit us (by appointment!) and see how our unique process works.

FAQ What is a 'polymer plate'?

In recent years, a new method of transferring pictures onto products have been developed. It's called dye-sublimation, or heat transfer and is used on polyester-coated or FR plastic. It's a great technology, it is cheap to set up and run, and the colours come out quite well. We use it for many of our add-on products such as mugs.

However, a polymer plate is soft and easily scratched. In our tests, a child who scraped their knife across the surface ended up with flakes of plastic in their food! This is why we do not offer polymer plates for sale, and instead stand by our melamine Pictureplate with its 40 year guarantee.

Be aware, though, that many websites selling polymer plates will still call them melamine! If you're unsure, ask the supplier if they purchase blank plates for printing (dye-sub) or mould the plates from raw materials (melamine).

FAQ Why does manufacture take so long?

We know that six or nine weeks is a very long time to wait for your Pictureproducts. The unique process of melamine plate production uses very large, slow, and expensive machines which need to be handled by skilled operators—it's far more complicated than a simple printer or heat press like low-quality polymer plates.

At the same time we would much rather you receive your order before you expect it, not after, so these times are a conservative estimate. We do everything we can to streamline production and get your order out early, and we hope that the children and their parents will enjoy their Pictureplates for many many years to come.

About Pictureproducts

Since 1977, we've been turning children's drawings into unique keepsakes. We grew up in the Hawkesbury region of New South Wales, and in 2011 moved to our own dedicated factory in Penrith. Our staff come from the Hawkesbury, Nepean and Blue Mountains regions.


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