Art on a Plate is joining Pictureproducts!

We're very pleased to welcome Art on a Plate back to Australia.

Many years ago Pictureproducts opened a franchise in New Zealand, which then took on its own life as Art on a Plate. Ably looked after by Lauren, Jenny and Shirli over the years, Art on a Plate Ltd has returned to us as of March 2021.

We're pleased to offer Art on a Plate's customers in Australia and New Zealand the same great product at a lower price. Not only that, but schools can now take advantage of Pictureproducts' extra features, such as:

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FAQ I have paid for an order with Art on a Plate, what do I do?

Pictureproducts is honouring all of Art on a Plate's existing orders placed since March 2020, at no extra cost to you. If you have drawings on Art on a Plate's paper, we can process those artworks for you. Get in touch with us and we'll arrange everything for you.

FAQ Do you still sell to New Zealand?

Yes, Pictureproducts continues to sell to New Zealand. The prices on our website are valid for both AUD and NZD.

FAQ Where are the plates made?

We make all our Pictureplates ourselves in Australia.